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Tax dispute resolution

The stress and financial burden of a long-running dispute with HMRC can affect a taxpayer’s business and personal life. If you or your client is embroiled in a prolonged dispute with HMRC, please contact us to discuss the following alternatives:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – a mediation process where a trained mediator encourages both HMRC and the taxpayer to agree a settlement. It is cost effective as the mediation process normally lasts for one day. We have undertaken several successful mediations and can assist with the process.
  • Appeals and reviews – if you disagree with HMRC’s decision on a factual or technical matter, an appeal can be made. The appeal must normally be made within time limits and in writing. We may ask for an internal review where an independent person at HMRC will review the case with a fresh perspective to attempt a settlement.
  • Time to Pay Arrangement (TTPA) – a TTPA benefits an individual or a business by spreading a tax debt over a period of time and normally involves regular monthly payments to HMRC. We have agreed many TTPAs with HMRC thereby assisting clients by alleviating an immediate financial burden.
  • Litigation is where an appeal is made to the tax tribunal or courts. We work with leading barristers on our tax litigation cases. 

For more information, please contact our specialist Tax Investigations & Disputes team.