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Trusts, estates and probate

It’s wise to look ahead and take steps to protect your family wealth – whether through trusts, inheritance tax planning or efficient estate administration. As professional advisers, we know that personal, family, charitable and business interests often overlap. From a personal perspective, our clients want to protect their family wealth and often have charitable interests they also wish to pursue. Planning ahead is a way to ensure effective management of your assets. We can help our clients protect the interests of those they love and whom they wish to benefit from their estate, as well as ensure they are able to protect the issues they care about.

At Moore, our experienced professionals combine their technical expertise in trusts, estates and charities with an understanding of the complexities of life. We take time to understand your specific circumstances, family situation, business and financial arrangements. With this knowledge we can then advise on how you can best achieve your goals through the creation of a trust, charity or other tax efficient planning. On the death of a loved one, we act with skill and sensitivity to help executors and personal representatives meet the demands made of them, relieving some of the burden at such a difficult time, as well as ensuring that the estate’s affairs are handled efficiently.