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When an individual dies, his or her property is handled by people who have been appointed as Executors by Will or Personal Representatives where the individual has died intestate. This can be daunting and we can support the Executor/Personal Representative by providing administration, accounting and tax compliance services.

  • Ascertain the value of the estate.
  • Prepare inheritance tax forms.
  • Arrange for Grant of Probate / Letter of Administration to be obtained.
  • Collect in assets and settle all liabilities including income tax and capital gains tax liabilities.
  • Arrange for legal titles to be transferred to beneficiaries if necessary (e.g. property or stocks and shares).
  • Prepare tax returns.
  • Prepare estate accounts.
  • Arrange for the distribution of the estate.
  • Establish trusts being set up by the will or intestacy.
  • Tax planning advice.
  • Relieve family members of a burden during a distressing time.
  • Expert knowledge in dealing with estates, offering peace of mind to families.