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Inheritance tax & estate planning

Estate planning can involve many interrelated and potentially complex issues. We provide advice on the mitigation of inheritance tax for UK domiciled individuals or non-domiciled individuals with assets in the UK.

  • Advising on inheritance tax matters.
  • Coordinating estate duty advice from other jurisdictions.
  • Assisting in the planning required to make lifetime gifts, whether out of income or capital.
  • Coordinating the drafting of tax wills efficient wills that ensure that you benefit the people you want to benefit.
  • Ensuring efficient use of the spouse exemption and transferable nil rate bands.
  • Ensuring that you qualify for any available reliefs or exemptions, such as business property relief or agricultural property relief.
  • If you are not domiciled in the UK, establishing trusts to protect your foreign assets from inheritance tax as you approach 16 years of presence in the UK.
  • Facilitating the establishment of trusts.
  • Advising on and coordinating trust reorganisations.
We can ensure that your inheritance tax issues are addressed comprehensively and effectively. We have access to international advice through the Moore Global network of firms and other contacts, enabling us to coordinate advice from a number of jurisdictions in an efficient manner.

For more information on our inheritance tax and estate planning services, please contact your nearest Moore adviser.