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Voluntary Disclosures

In most cases, making a voluntary disclosure to HMRC of an unpaid tax liability will be the most cost effective way of resolving historic tax problems. For the most serious tax evasion cases, we may recommend you register under the Contractual Disclosure Facility. Regardless of whether or not your disclosure was prompted by HMRC, Moore’ Tax Investigations & Disputes team can offer you the best possible advice.

Since 2007, HMRC has run a number of targeted disclosure campaigns aimed at taxpayers with undisclosed liabilities relating to both UK and non-UK liabilities. Whilst a number of offshore campaigns such as the Liechtenstein and Crown Dependency disclosure facilities are now closed to new registrations; HMRC announced the Worldwide Disclosure Facility on 5 September 2016.

Running alongside the offshore disclosure opportunities are HMRC’s suite of targeted campaigns aimed at specific groups of taxpayers. Current campaigns include those where an unpaid tax liability arises from let property, a second income or credit card sales.

Our team of tax investigations specialists are experienced at helping clients bring their tax affairs up to date and can advise on the best strategy for doing so. A number of factors play a part in that advice, so speak to our experts today so you can understand your options and with our help choose the most appropriate route for your circumstances.

For more information, please contact our specialist Tax Investigations & Disputes team.