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Counter fraud and bribery

Reducing the risk of financial and reputational losses as a result of fraud, bribery and corruption is a critical  aspect of global business. In many instances, it is easier to increase profits by reducing fraud rather than increasing productivity or efficiency, with many companies choosing a proactive ‘action not reaction’ approach as a opposed to  simply investigating fraud once it is discovered. Robust risk management and a sound corporate governance and policy framework will only be successful if it includes a comprehensive strategic and operational approach to countering fraud, bribery and corruption.

Moore offers a range of services designed to help you create and embed a strong anti-fraud/corruption culture and build deterrence/prevention and detection strategies and processes through awareness, training, policies and controls.

Unfortunately, there will always be a need for investigations - these should be conducted professionally and cost-effectively without question. We are able to conduct such investigations, gathering evidence to a standard that can be used in criminal, civil, disciplinary and regulatory proceedings.