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Computer forensics

Our Dispute analysis & investigations  team are supported by computer forensic specialists who are able to provide a range of IT services in conjunction with our wider offering, for example as part of an investigation or expert witness appointment.

IT users leave traces on computers and other digital devices and our computer forensics service tracks those trails to present clients with a clear report of historic activity, either on a specific device or relating to specific individuals. We recognise that critical evidence often needs to be secured immediately and are able to respond quickly to clients’ demands. We are also able to work around clients’ day-to-day operations and work with live systems.  All our work is carried out confidentially and with discretion. Our expertise covers:
  • hard disk imaging & analysis;
  • live forensics (no downtime);
  • digital document analysis;
  • deleted data recovery;
  • password tracking;
  • imaging and analysis of removable media, such as USB sticks, DVD’s etc.;
  • imaging and analysis of other electronic devices, including mobile phones, iPods and iPads.
In a recent case, Moore were appointed to conduct an investigation into allegations of employee misconduct. The computer forensics team supported the investigation by imaging and analysing the employee’s hard drive and other devices including a Blackberry and a USB stick. Investigations were also conducted into the employee’s historical access rights to company data and transfers of data to and from a personal email account. The results of the investigation assisted the company in assessing the extent of the employee’s actions and their impact on the business, as well as informing management of weaknesses to be addressed going forward.