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Smaller Authorities - Fees

Smaller authorities - fees

Standard fees
Fees for Limited Assurance Reviews for smaller authorities have been determined by the SAAA.  Scales of fees are based on bands of annual income or expenditure, whichever is the higher.  This means that the fees are broadly proportionate to the public funds involved and the ability of each authority to pay.  

Scales of fees for smaller authorities 2022/23 to 2026/27

Please note that our fees are only raised either when the final report has been issued or when we are chasing late submission of the AGAR. 

Additional fees
Any additional fees incurred will be calculated and charged according to the work required, subject to the maximum hourly rates set below. 

Staff grade  Maximum £ per hour
Engagement lead 355
Senior manager/manager 215
Senior auditor 140
Other staff 105