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How to contact the Smaller Authorities team

How to contact the Smaller Authorities team

How do I notify Moore of any changes to contact details?
Please use this form to notify Moore to any changes to contact details (e.g. clerk change of address etc.)

Contact details for the Moore East Midlands Smaller Authorities team are as follows:

Telephone: 01733 397 300 

Email: for smaller authorities in Cumbria for smaller authorities in Leicestershire & Rutland for smaller authorities in Oxfordshire for smaller authorities in Warwickshire and West Midlands for smaller authorities in West Sussex 

If you do receive an email from us and you are not sure if it is genuine, please contact us on 01733 397300. 

FAO Smaller Authorities Team
Moore East Midlands
Rutland House
Minerva Business Park
Lynch Wood

All correspondence should be addressed for the attention of the Smaller Authorities Team and should clearly state the name of the authority. 

Making a complaint
Where a Smaller Authority or member of the public wishes to lodge a complaint against Moore it may be lodged with the firm via email at - for complaints about Moore - for objections by members of the public

Please do not use the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page. 

Complaints will be referred to a Moore partner who is not involved in the Smaller Authorities contract to review.  The reviewing partner will investigate all complaints promptly, fairly and consistently in accordance with regulatory standards before providing a written response to the complainant.  

If the firm is unable to resolve matters, we will refer the complainant to the SAAA directly.