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November 2018

Disqualified from acting as a director

When a director has been found guilty of mismanagement verging on fraud, one of the remedies that the courts can impose is disqualification as a director. But what does this actually mean?  

Tax-free perks at Christmas time

This article is our usual reminder of the tax breaks available if you are organising a Christmas party for your staff.  

Are you eligible to claim the Marriage Allowance?

Marriage Allowance lets you transfer £1,190 of your Personal Allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner - if they earn more than you. This reduces their tax by up to £238 in the tax year. To benefit from this arrangement, you (as the lower earner) must have an income below your Personal Allowance - this is £11,850 for the current tax year.

Tax Diary December 2018

See important tax dates for December here.

Moore (South) LLP Statement

You may have seen the announcement made on Sunday 25th November, that accounting firm BDO are in discussions to merge with our London office, Moore LLP.

Have you received a PPI refund?

If you have received a refund from a PPI claim, the premiums refunded are not taxable. However, many successful claims are being paid out with a simple 8% interest to compensate the time you were without the benefit of your money.  

HMRC to review 2016/17 tax returns

HMRC are planning on reviewing up to 30,000 self-assessment returns from 2016/2017, after concerns that their tax calculator computed individual’s tax liabilities incorrectly. The 2016/17 self-assessment period was a difficult time for agents, including us. This was due to an increasing number of returns subject to exclusions.  

Tax diary for November 2018

November is a very busy time for returns and tax payments. Below are the important dates coming up over the next month. 

Reporting tips for building contractors

HMRC recently published a list of helpful reminders regarding the submission of monthly returns to HMRC. This article lists some of the points highlighted.  

Making Tax Digital timeline

You will be aware that HMRC is moving forward with their digitisation of taxpayer VAT and Income Tax reporting requirements, under their much publicised Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative. Below you will find the most recent announcements made by HMRC on this issue.