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HMRC to review 2016/17 tax returns

Angela Evans

HMRC are planning on reviewing up to 30,000 self-assessment returns from 2016/2017, after concerns that their tax calculator computed individual’s tax liabilities incorrectly.
The 2016/17 self-assessment period was a difficult time for agents, including us. This was due to an increasing number of returns subject to exclusions.
Exclusions are applied when HMRC cannot calculate the correct tax liability for you.
Some exclusions are applied when it is not possible to submit your return online due to errors with the HMRC system.

Other exclusions apply when your return can be submitted online, however, an incorrect calculation is computed due to the HMRC system not recognising all information on your return.
If you submitted your return on your own, you may not know that there was a miscalculation in your tax return.
HMRC have said that the process of reworking is likely to commence from the 19th November and last approximately 1 week. If your tax position has changed and you are affected, you will receive a new SA302 calculation. If additional tax is due, you will have 28 days to pay before interest and late-payment penalties apply.

It must be noted, any further changes to a return must be done on paper and not submitted electronically. Furthermore, HMRC have advised that agents will not receive copies of their clients’ updated SA302 calculations, despite disappointment expressed by professional bodies.

When preparing your 2016/2017 returns we reviewed the calculations against the exclusions, and informed you if a paper return was required due to the exclusions. At Moore, we don’t want you to have any nasty surprises, therefore, if you do receive an updated SA302 from HMRC please contact your local office who will check to make sure it is correct. Contact details can be found below.

01243 531699

01483 538881

Newport (IoW)
01983 825000

01722 335182

02380 330166​​