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VAT Advice


Value Added Tax (VAT) is known as one of the most onerous tax regimes thats imposed on businesses. At Moore (South) we have been dealing with client VAT queries for years. 

VAT is charged on: 
  • The supply of goods and services made in the UK.
  • The importation of goods to the UK from outside the EU.
  • The acquisition in the UK of goods from other EU member states.

We have been helping our clients with a number of different VAT queries for a number of years including: 

→ Registering for VAT
Advice on VAT planning and administration
→ Completing and filing VAT returns
→ Planning to minimise future problems with HMRC

Our Approach

At Moore (South) we offer potential clients a free ‘risks and opportunities’ meeting. Our VAT experts, skilled professionals with expertise in your sector, will spend around an hour with you to gain a sound understanding of your organisation and any particular issues you face. We will seek to identify any VAT risks that need to be managed, as well as potential VAT opportunities that could benefit your organisation.