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Business Tax Services & Corporate Tax Services


Are you looking for business tax accountant to provide corporate tax services? 

Our business tax accounting team at Moore (South)  are here to provide you with business tax services, our tax team have a wealth of corporate tax knowledge. We work alongside our clients businesses to mitigate tax on transactions, disposals or successions whilst remaining compliant. Our objective is to help you grow, realise and protect your wealth. We are here to keep you up to date with any tax legislation changes and ensure that you stay abreast of any opportunities as well as avoiding any potential tax traps. 

Structuring Your Business

Careful planning at both corporare and personal levels can significantly reduce your tax liabilities, it is important to have the right business structure in place. There are many options to choose from when deciding what your business structure should be, including sole trader, partnership, limited company or a limited liability partnership each of these structures all have different tax implications - our team have a thorough understanding of business structures and can recommend the best business structure for your business. 

Dealing with Tax Compliance Obligations 

Increasingly, tax is self assessed, placing the onus on you the taxpayer, to comply with the rules and regulations. Ensuring your tax affairs are properly managed and up to date is the cornerstone of our service. We offer a full range of tax compliance services, including preparation of your corporation tax, VAT and income tax returns as well as providing payment advice. 

The tax return preparation and review process will enable us to identify planning opportunities which can then be discussed with you. 

Tax Investigations 

A tax investigation is the term used for an official inquiry into your tax payment history. A tax investigation in the UK is conducted by HMRC with the severity of an investigation being completely dependent on the case. These cases can become stressful and time consuming, but our tax team can help you to get the best possible outcome. 

We encourage our clients to sign up to our tax investigations fee insurance scheme, which for a small annual fee reimburses the costs of your defence in the event that you are selected for enquiry in respect of any tax return we have submitted on your behalf or where we are dealing with inquiries relating to work done by others.

Tax Structuring and Planning

It is vital to consider the tax consequence of any business development strategy. We advise on the tax implications of business transactions such as a group reorganisation, passing the business onto the next generation or preparing an exit strategy. Find out more about our business valuation and exit strategy services here: Corporate Finance Services.

Corporate Tax Services

Our corporate tax team can help you address any corporation tax issues, from simple compliance to complicated tax planning. Corporation tax reliefs can mean significant tax savings for businesses of all sizes. We will advise you on the opportunities available to your business and help you make relevant claims.

Our Business Tax and Corporate Tax Service

We are effective as we get to know you and your organisation, working alongside you as a trustworthy business partner. When you work with the team at Moore (South) we will strive to develop a strategic plan that is specific to your business needs. 

Being part of a UK network also means that if we do need to consult on a business tax matter with another firm in the UK, or if we are looking for tax advice in a niche area, then we have the ability to do so. 

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