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VAT inspections, assessments & penalties

VAT is one of the most policed taxes and if accounting mistakes are made the penalties can be severe.

Following a VAT inspection, issues and liabilities can inevitably arise. We can help you to review HMRC assessments and can negotiate with them on your behalf to help ensure that liabilities and any enforced penalties are kept to an absolute minimum.

Many of our clients enjoy peace of mind prior to an inspection by receiving our VAT healthcheck; ensuring that they are compliant in the first instance.

Our services include:

  • pre and post-inspection VAT assessment reviews;
  • negotiating with HMRC;
  • assisting with VAT appeals and dispute resolution;
  • VAT healthchecks.

What will our services give you:

  • independent assessment of your VAT compliance and potential liabilities;
  • mitigation of VAT liabilities and penalties. 

For more information, please contact your local Moore office