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Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney Services in Enfield

Ensuring the people you care about are provided for in the future is important to all of us.  The friendly, sympathetic Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney specialists at Moore Northern Home Counties in Enfield and Stevenage can help you to set out your wishes clearly and precisely in a legally binding document.


A Will is likely to be the most important document you make in your lifetime.  As well as drawing up a concise legal document, we can also provide Inheritance Tax advice to ensure that your loved ones inherit your Estate as tax-efficiently as possible.

How much will it cost to make a Will?
Our basic charges for straightforward, simple Wills are set out below:

Single Will - £480
Mirror Wills for couples - £600
Simple amendments (codecils) where we have prepared the original Will - £144

All prices include VAT.

We are able to accommodate home visits for no additional charge where the person is elderly or disabled and would have physical difficulty attending our offices in Enfield or Stevenage.  We are also happy to provide online, virtual appoints if preferred.

These fees are based on what we view as a straightforward Will.  We will discuss your requirements with you at the outset and if we determine that your matter is more complex or will require more work we will agree an estimate with you based on our standard hourly rates.  

Once work has been started, we reserve the right to charge you for work already undertaken should you decide not to proceed.

Will Review Service

Even if you already have a Will it is important to carry out regular reviews, particularly if there has been a change in your personal or financial circumstances (for example you get married or divorced, have children or start living with a new partner.)

We can help you regularly review your Will to ensure it is still valid and that it accurately reflects your current circumstances.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

None of us knows what the future holds. A Lasting Power of Attorney gives you the comfort of choosing who you want to act on your behalf if you are no longer able to manage your own financial affairs or make decisions on your health and welfare. 

The team at Moore can advise on and draft both types of Lasting Powers of Attorney; Financial Decisions and Health and Care.

Financial Decisions Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Financial Decisions LPA enables your attorney(s) to make decisions regarding the management of your finances including running your bank accounts, making and selling investments, managing your bills and buying and selling your property.

Health and Care Decisions Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Health and Care Decisions LPA lets your attorney(s) make decisions about the type of care and medical treatment you receive, including life-sustaining treatment and where you live as well as day-to-day matters such as your diet and daily routine.

How much does a Lasting Power of Attorney cost?

Single Lasting Power of Attorney - £420
Registration fee - £82

Two Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health and Care, and Financial Decisions)  - £720 
Registration fee - £164


Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs) are no longer created, but there may be situations where an EPA made some years ago has not been registered, in which case it will require registration if the donor has lost or is losing mental capacity.  The fees in these cases will be based on the time spent at our hourly rate of £140 per hour plus VAT.