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Corporate governance

Organisations are increasingly required to demonstrate effective corporate governance to meet the high expectations of all their stakeholders and comply with best practices such as the Combined Code and Turnbull requirements. Effective governance is fundamental to the performance of a business.

Good corporate governance ensures that transparency, accountability and fairness are embedded in the decision-making process of your organisation. To achieve this, our team will work in partnership with you to help develop an effective corporate structure with strong procedures, leveraging our knowledge of best practice in similar businesses.

Once in place, we then assist in the maintenance and monitoring of your governance framework and procedures to ensure they continue to meet your and your stakeholders' goals.

And while good corporate governance procedures will meet the needs of your organisation's shareholders and other stakeholders, it is not the only benefit. Good corporate governance will have a positive impact on the effectiveness and capabilities of your whole organisation, providing the right platform for increased turnover, efficiency and profitability.