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Further & higher education institutions

HE and FE institutions face pressure to create efficiencies in the face of reduced budgets, whilst maintaining the same standard of teaching and learning.

Our Education team advises colleges and universities on a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of their organisation, and below is just a few of the areas where we could assist you.

A robust and challenging audit
Our audit approach is primarily risk-based and tailored to the college or university we are advising. Our internal audit offering provides assurance and identifies areas of improvement within key operations of the organisation, empowering management to enhance performance.

Financial accounting and reporting assurance / advice

We will provide your finance team with support and guidance on the impact of new accounting frameworks and assist with the development and implementation of a transition plan.

Our team can review your systems and procedures to ensure that you are fully compliant and are maximising VAT recovery and minimising other VAT costs.