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New Features From QuickBooks

New Features From QuickBooks

Michelle Watson

QuickBooks have announced a raft of new features designed to help you get more out of your accounting software.

Updates include:
Income tax innovations
Now you can see income tax estimates alongside your VAT, payroll and construction tax figures.

Payroll management
There’s a new employee portal as well as updates around pensions, tax codes and newly integrated time tracking by TSheets.

Cashflow confidence
Discover a new way to understand the details of your business. Get smooth access to secure data that helps you make smart decisions.

Streamlined payments
There’s a new sales dashboard that helps you get set up and track your payments.
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New app integrations
You can now integrate your PayPal and IZettle accounts with your QuickBooks software, making it easy to take payments and track sales.   Get in touch for more details or to take advantage of our discounted IZettle offer. 

For further advice and support on using your QuickBooks accounting software or on integrating additional apps, please get in touch - we’re happy to help.