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October 2017

20% of restaurant businesses at risk of insolvency

Our research shows that 14,800 restaurants are faced with the threat of going under as Brexit and rising labour costs put a strain on the industry.

Charitable donations by partnerships - is Gift Aid available?

Since 6 April 2016, individual partners have had to make their own Gift Aid declarations when a partnership makes a donation to a charity or CASC. This reflects the correct legal position that each partner has made a donation. Each partner’s Gift Aid declaration must contain their name and full home address and be given to the charity or CASC.

Brexit: have you considered the VAT impact of relocation?

There are a number of tax risks arising from Brexit-driven relocation, but one of the most significant may turn out to be VAT. So, what VAT issues could be causing insurers sleepless nights amid the dark uncertainty that is the current Brexit negotiations?

Restructuring could radically reduce your capital requirements

For some insurers, acquisition activity has created legal entity structures with a number of different underwriting platforms and locally regulated subsidiaries across jurisdictions. This can result in the cost and inefficiency of multiple regulatory rules, relationships and returns and, when the solvency requirements of all the various subsidiaries are added together, an aggregate capital requirement that can be much higher than that of a single consolidated business.

MiFID II - what you may have missed...

With just 3 months left to achieve compliance with MiFID II implementation due on 3 January 2018, we've highlighted below 7 key areas that are pertinent to most firms across financial services.