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November 2023

The Autumn Statement Key Updates | What was announced?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer (Jeremy Hunt) delivered his autumn statement today with it having been widely predicted that tax cuts of some kind would be announced, with National Insurance and Inheritance Tax specifically being mentioned.

Paying Tax by Direct Debit to HMRC | Can I pay my self-assessment tax return by Direct Debit?

One of the many ways payments can be made to HMRC is by using a direct debit. The direct debit can be set up online. 

Taxable Gains on Gifts | What is the Gift Relief on the Transfer of Property?

Gift Hold-Over Relief is a tax relief that effectively defers Capital Gains Tax (CGT). The relief can be claimed when assets are given away (including certain shares) or sold for less than they are worth to help benefit the buyer. Gift Hold-Over Relief means that any gain on the asset is 'held-over' until the recipient of the gift sells or disposes of them. This is done by reducing the acquisition cost by the amount of the held over gain for the acquirer.

What is the trust income tax rate for 2023/24? | Trusts and Income Tax

A trust is created when assets, usually referred to as the trust property, are placed under the control of a trustee for the benefit of another, usually referred to as the beneficiary. The person transferring assets to the trust is known as the settlor.

What is the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill? | Companies House proposed measures and implementation.

The measures set out in the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill give Companies House new and enhanced powers to improve the quality and reliability of their data.