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Rural Development Programme for England grants

Esme Shakeshaft

Applications for the RDPE growth programme are now open! The RDPE scheme helps fund projects, which create jobs and growth in the rural economy in England. 

There are numerous grants available and these are for: 

Business Development
This grant provides support for small and micro-sized rural businesses, which are constructing or renovating buildings, and/or purchasing new equipment and machinery. 

Grants are available to cover up to 40% of total eligible project costs. 

The minimum amount for the grant is £20,000 and the maximum is £175,000. 

Food processing businesses
Support for food and drink businesses that process agricultural and horticultural products to construct or improve food processing buildings and/or buy new food and drink grading, packing and processing equipment and machinery. Grants up to 40% with a maximum grant of £750,000. 

Rural tourism infrastructure
Support for capital expenditure on tourism infrastructure, including new accommodation, equipment and attractions. Grants up to 40% with a maximum grant of 200,000 euros (£175,000). 

How to apply
  • There is a 2-part application process to tell the RPA about the work you’re doing and how the grant could help you with it. This does take time to complete and involves providing three quotes, a business plan and supporting documentation. The application process can take 6 months or more. 
  • The deadline to submit the initial Expression of Interest (EOI) is 16th February 2020. 
On the basis that your application is approved you will be asked to submit a second stage full application.

Where projects require planning permission this needs to be granted prior to submission of the full application. 
  • You cannot start your project until the grant has been approved so it is important to plan the process and project carefully. 
  • Projects have to be completed by September 2021. 

This is the very last opportunity to gain funding from the EU to help develop your rural business. There are limited funds available within a restricted time period for businesses in England to spend it. If you have a project and/or development planned for the next 12 – 18 months this could be an ideal opportunity to gain grant funding. 

For more information, you can read the government’s RDPE handbook here

Alternatively, please contact your local Moore UK office today to speak to a trusted advisor.