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Your Personal Tax Account

Mike Wakeford

Have you checked your personal tax account recently? If at all? 

Latest research from the Post Office shows that 46% of UK workers have never checked their personal tax account.

Your personal tax account is an official digital service provided by GOV.UK, which allows you to:
•    View and manage your tax details
•    Complete a self-assessment tax return
•    Check your National Insurance (NI) number
•    Apply for tax credits/a refund
•    Check your state pension contributions
•    Utilise your marriage allowance (link marriage allowance blog)

Surprisingly, only 16% of people feel ‘very in control’ of their personal tax affairs, whilst 29% would like to have a better understanding and management of theirs. 

A personal tax account is not just useful for those who are self-employed, but also people who have second jobs, additional income streams, or employment benefits such as a bonus or company car and will show you your income tax and national insurance liabilities for the year ahead. 

To get started with your personal tax account, head over to and follow the on screen instructions. 

Moore’ personal tax services

Our team offers bespoke advice on tax, trust and estate planning and wealth management, as well as assistance with day-to-day matters such as tax returns. We ensure easy access to the right people, so decisions can be made quickly and confidently.

We provide solutions to a wide range of clients, including high net worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

To learn more about our private client tax services, please head to our website, or contact your local Moore office today. 

*Post office research was conducted from the 11th April 2019 – 15th April 2019 with a sample of 2,101 nationally representative full or part-time adult employees*