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Powered by people and technology: the real estate & construction view

Paul Fenner

Our survey, completed by 653 business leaders from across the UK, finds stabilised confidence amongst owner managed businesses (OMBs). This view is shared in the real estate and construction sector where, although they are slightly less confident than OMBs overall, their confidence has dropped compared to last year – 57% are confident about the general outlook for 2018, compared to 61% in previous year's survey. Like OMBs overall, the focus this year is on people and technology – 49% plan to invest in staff training, and 26% in technology or IT. This is a huge leap from last year, where these two strategies topped the rankings but were only 29% and 25% respectively.

It’s impossible to comment on the mood among OMBs in the real estate and construction sector without mentioning Carillion. Its collapse in January 2018 sent shockwaves through the sector. But once the dust settles, there could be some longer-term benefits for the construction industry – primarily around the proper pricing of contracts.

We consider the repercussions of Carillion’s liquidation in the report, alongside the full findings of the survey.

Download the full report here.