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Moore wins undergraduate employer award

Lizzy Jones

Moore has won the award for Top Medium-sized Undergraduate Employer 2018-2019 at the National Undergraduate Employers awards hosted by Rate My Placement. The award recognises excellence in the provision of work placements for undergraduates.

This is the first year that the firm has taken part in the awards, which are based on the review scores given by participants in the placement scheme. Moore’ work placement students gave the firm an average score of 8.5 out of a maximum 10.

“Our undergraduate placement scheme has taken off in the last couple of years,” says Lizzy Jones, Moore’ Senior Resourcing Advisor – Early careers. “We now offer roles across a number of departments, including Marketing and Corporate Audit.” The scheme is set for further expansion next year, when work placement roles will be available in the firm’s Reading office as well as in London.

“This award is a testament to the support provided to our undergraduates and the internal training they receive,” Lizzy says. “It also reflects the fact that the people who join us on placements are really seen as part of the team.” The undergraduates come to the firm after two years at university, gaining a year of valuable work experience before completing their final year of studies.

Lizzy would like to thank the individuals who took the time to review Moore on the RateMyPlacement website. “We’re so grateful not only for the hard work of these students when they are with us, but also for the fact they made time to give us a rating,” she says.

Individuals review their employers on a range of factors, including how much they enjoyed the placement, the support received, the office atmosphere, how well organised the placement scheme is and the investment made in their training and development. One audit associate gave a maximum 10 for the extent to which they felt valued, commenting: “The work I was presented with was challenging, and of a high level of responsibility which is not something I expected. This allowed me to feel highly valued as I knew that managers and seniors regarded my work as important.” The amount of support received was also “great”.

One research assistant based in the Marketing team said of their experience: “I was treated as a professional from day one. Everyone in the team made me feel valued and treated me like any other colleague. I felt I was trusted to complete important tasks independently and given feedback to help improve. I was immediately involved in work that added value to the business.”

The reviews can be read in full here on the RateMyPlacement website.

Moore being presented with the RateMyPlacement award.