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Manifest, leading proxy advisor to institutional investors – Moore appointed as administrator

Jeremy Willmont

Manifest, the proxy voting agency for institutional investors, has entered administration with Moore being appointed administrator.

The pioneering shareholder stewardship service offers shareholder vote management and corporate governance consultancy to large institutional investors.

Manifest’s clients manage assets worth over $1 trillion and they work closely with a number of large institutional investors, as well as regulatory bodies such as the Financial Reporting Council.

Manifest offer a service that has growing importance to shareholders as corporate social responsibility and stewardship becomes an area of increased focus.

They occupy an important position in the market, enabling large investors to play an active role in shareholder votes on issues such as director and CEO pay.

Moore will be exploring all possible options for the business, including a sale to maximise its value.

Jeremy Willmont, Partner at Moore and administrator of Manifest, comments: “Manifest has been a pioneer in providing the tools and enabling institutional investors to engage more closely in corporate governance issues.

“In Manifest’s 20 years, they have played a key role in driving the corporate social responsibility and shareholder stewardship agenda.

“Whilst they have entered administration, Manifest continue to operate and continue to add to their vast and valuable databases and research for their clients.”