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July 2017

British seaside towns see highest rates of bankruptcy

Seven of the Top Ten areas for personal insolvencies are in seaside towns as the British coastal industries and tourism continue their declines.

19% of UK estate agents are at risk of going bust

19%  of estate agents  in the UK currently exhibit warning signs that indicate they are at risk of going insolvent *. Our research shows that 4,928 estate agents out of a total 25,560 are showing signs of financial distress.

Extending the Senior Managers & Certification Regime to all FCA firms – summary of Consultation Paper 17/25 on Individual Accountability

On Wednesday, the FCA issued a consultation paper (CP17/25)  on the extension of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (‘SM&CR’) to those FSMA authorised firms that are not currently in scope of the regime. The key drivers of this reform are still the same as the original SM&CR that is currently applicable to the banking sector; Improving culture and governance in financial services firms, holding senior managers to high standards through individual accountability and increasing consumer protection remain amongst the highest priorities for the FCA.

Interest rate rise set to cost households £3.4bn in first year alone

An interest rate rise of just 0.5% would cost households an extra £3.4 billion in interest payments in just the first year.

Insolvency service continues clampdown on debtors’ irresponsible behaviour

The Insolvency Service is clamping down on individuals who are disposing of their assets irresponsibly when facing financial stress, rather than paying back their debts.

26% of construction companies at risk of going bust

Our research shows, 26% of construction companies currently exhibit warning signs that indicate they are at risk of failure*.

Minimum pension contributions are increasing

By law, the minimum amounts paid into automatic enrolment pension schemes are increasing.  Employers need to take action now to check whether and how they are affected.

London’s offshore financial services future

As a financial centre, London has long had an ‘offshore’ feel about it. Post-Brexit, those offshore characteristics are likely to strengthen, with implications for the UK’s regulation, taxes and infrastructure.  

Outstanding provisions from the pre-election Finance Act

Prior to the General Election, the Finance Bill that was then before Parliament was passed in truncated form, to become the Finance Act 2017. The then Government indicated that if it was returned to power it would introduce another Finance Bill containing the provisions that had been omitted.

Five top-tips for grant-making trusts & foundations

Grant-giving foundations & charitable trusts face a difficult balancing act in demonstrating that their recipients are spending their funds in an appropriate manner. Our top-tips outline some fundamental principles for you to consider when providing funding to your partners.

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