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QuickBooks Desktop users must switch to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop users must switch to QuickBooks Online

Lorna Bloor

QuickBooks has announced they will be discontinuing their QuickBooks Desktop service in the UK. (N.B The QuickBooks Online software is unaffected.)
QuickBooks says the decision to discontinue the service is due to it not being able to be readily updated for MTD changes, the evolving banking data standards and changing VAT reporting following Brexit.
Full support will continue to be provided for existing users until January 2023, after which time the service will be discontinued.
Making the switch
If you are a QuickBooks Desktop user and you want to continue using QuickBooks services, you will need to migrate to QuickBooks Online. This Online service is an all-in-one accounting software that allows you to access your QuickBooks account from any device at any time.
Our certified Advanced QuickBooks Proadvisers can support you through the transition, or even complete the migration on your behalf.

When is the best time to migrate?

You can migrate to QBO at anytime, but we recommend moving at the end of your financial year to move across opening balances, 

Alternatively if you would like to take care of the migration process yourself you can find more information on the QuickBooks Hub.

For more information about using QuickBooks or for assistance with the migration process, please contact your usual Moore adviser