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Academies Budget Forecast Return 2021

Academies Budget Forecast Return 2021

Gemma Roger

The ESF have announced that there will only be a single Academies Budget Forecast Return this year, combining the requirements of the BFR (usually required at the end of May) and BFR(3Y) (usually required at the end of July).

The “combined” form is planned to go live on 22 June 2021 with a deadline of 27 July 2021.

The ESF have confirmed that the form will consist of:
  • All the usual BFRO data (excluding the debtors and creditors analysis)
  • All the BFR(3Y) data
  • Including the Academy Trust’s 3 year forecasts.
The related excel spreadsheet remains under development and will be published for use later in the year.
This means that there will be no need for the May submission this year.