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December 2023

What happens if you miss the late filing deadline for company accounts | Late Filling Penalties

The directors are responsible for filing their company’s accounts and ensuring they’re filed before the filing deadline. Understanding your role and how late filing could affect your company is important.  

What is the National Insurance Contributions Rate for 2024?| How Employed and Self Employed can Calculate their Annual Gain?

In the  recent Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced a significant change to National Insurance contributions for both employees and self-employed people.  

HMRC guidance on tax treatment of electric vehicle charging at residential properties

The recent update from HMRC has significant implications for the tax treatment of electric vehicle charging at residential properties for company cars. HMRC has revised its guidance regarding employers' payments for charging company-owned cars and vans at employees' homes. 

Paying employees early over the Christmas period

During this festive season, some of you may plan to pay your employees earlier than usual. To ensure compliance and avoid any discrepancies, here is a reminder of the steps to follow in reporting these payments accurately to HMRC.