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Scam warning: Bogus HMRC letters

Scam warning: Bogus HMRC letters

Tim Woodgates

We have recently become aware of a letter purporting to be from HMRC regarding Corporation Tax payments asking clients to call a fake HMRC contact number and set up a payment plan.   

This is a very sophisticated scam – at first glance the letter looks completely genuine, we were only able to spot the letter was a fake due to the amount of HMRC correspondence we see – we were able to tell something wasn’t quite right.

We have contacted HMRC who have confirmed that the letter is a fake.  If you receive a letter like this, or if you are not sure whether a letter you have received is a scam, please forward them to your usual Moore contact who will be able to advise you or contact HMRC directly to check whether the communication is genuine.

You can also find more advice on whether a letter you've received from HMRC is genuine on the website