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How can the home building fund help you?

Herve Mottais

Earlier this year, the Government published “Fixing our broken housing market” which highlighted the need to build more homes faster and backing small and medium-sized builders to grow, including through the new Home Building Fund. However, our research shows that many such builders are still simply unaware of how this fund can help give them the edge in a very competitive market.

With our latest update from the Real Estate & Construction team, we look at how the Fund works, who it is for, what is eligible, and even how to get priority with your project.

How we can help

Potential beneficiaries the Home Building Fund will need to determine answers to a wide range of questions before they can be confident that an application will succeed and then they will need to present a well thought out application supported by relevant financial data. This could be daunting for some, but that is where can help, ensuring you thrive in this changing world.