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COVID-19: Companies House announce new measures to help businesses avoid being struck off

COVID-19: Companies House announce new measures to help businesses avoid being struck off

Carolyn Rossiter

Companies House has announced a temporary pause of the strike off process to help businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis.  Voluntary DS01 applications can still be filed, but the company will not be struck from the register.

Companies who make an application for voluntary dissolution, the DS01 (striking off application by a company) will be registered at Companies House and a notice will be published in the Gazette. However, after this point, any further action to strike off the company will be suspended.

N.B. These changes do not apply to businesses which are being dissolved as the result of an insolvency procedure such as administration or liquidation. Businesses in this position will continue to be dissolved by operation of the Insolvency Act.

Additionally, Companies House has provided reassurance that companies issued with a late filing penalty because of COVID-19 will have their appeals treated sympathetically.

The government has already previously announced a three month extension to file accounts with Companies house to all businesses affected by the outbreak.  Further extensions will be provided if needed.

The government is also introducing legislation to allow companies who have to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to do so flexibly, including holding AGMs online or postponing the meetings.

If you need further advice on this or any of the other measures available to help businesses and individuals during the coronavirus crisis, please contact your local Moore adviser