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October 2018

Budget 2018 overview

Philip Hammond’s third budget, and the last one scheduled to take place before Brexit next year, did not contain many big headline grabbing tax changes as it concentrated more on increased government spending in what the Chancellor claimed was recognition that the days of austerity are now over, as the state of the economy continues to improve.

Do you accept contactless?

This week, payment technology giant Worldpay announced that contactless payments are now more popular than traditional chip and pin payments in UK stores.

Banks to introduce name checks on online payments in effort to combat authorised push payment (APP) fraud

The BBC reported last week that nearly £150m was stolen between January and July this year after bank customers were duped into transferring money into fraudsters’ bank accounts.

The hidden 60% tax rate

Most people think the highest rate of income tax in the UK is 45%. But in fact there are two situations where you could be paying much more.