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October 2017

A true Halloween horror!

For many, when they think of what occurs on 31st October they think of Frankenstein, trick or treating, ghosts and pumpkins….. but for some the answer is PAPER TAX RETURN DEADLINE!

Here, there and everywhere: the cyber threats facing small businesses

When cyber-attacks and data breaches hit the news, they invariably involve the largest businesses or national institutions like the NHS.  But this doesn’t mean small businesses are not under threat too.  Every business, regardless of size or industry sector, is at risk.

4 common mistakes to avoid when submitting your paper tax return

The countdown has begun for this years’ paper tax return, a crucial time for around 10 miilion taxpayers who are either self employed or  receive other income that requires the submission of a tax return, which is normally rental income,  interest or dividend income. It is also necessary to submit a tax return if you have realized capital gains on which a tax liability arises, or if you have made a loss on the disposal of a capital asset that you want to carry forward to set against future gains.

What are tax-free transfers for Inheritance Tax (IHT) purposes?

There are many reliefs for IHT purposes. They include:

Tax Diary

October is a very busy times in the tax calendar, with critical filing dates.  

Pay your VAT monthly

If you find it difficult to manage quarterly payments to HMRC to settle your VAT, why not consider the VAT Annual Accounting Scheme (AAS).

Financial controls to support business growth

As your business grows and takes on more customers, employees and suppliers, maintaining core financial controls should keep you travelling up the success curve.