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May 2021

Prepare benefit in kind returns to HMRC

Employers that provide any form of taxable benefit to clients will need to prepare and file P11D returns to HMRC. The deadline to file your returns is the 6 July 2021.

How to import goods into the UK

If you are new to the import process this beginners check list will provide you with what you need to do.


Important dates for your tax diary in June and July 2021.

Tax relief on profits for creators of literary or artistic works

A special tax relief is available for creators of literary or artistic works. This relief will mean creators can claim to add together their profits for 2 years and be taxable on the average of those profits if certain conditions are met. 

CCH OneClick MFA Improvement

Therefore, from Friday 30 April when users next log in to CCH OneClick and are asked to enter an MFA code they will see a ‘Remember Me’ option. Selecting this option will enable them to log in without being asked for an MFA code again.