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Sage and Cashplus join forces, to ease the pressure of Making Tax Digital for small businesses

Phil Sampson

Sage and Cashplus have announced that they have joined forces in order to support small businesses in getting ahead of the making tax digital legislation.

The combination will mean that bank account information and transactions will be integrated into a new service provided by Sage called Bank Feeds, which aims to streamline access to financial data, save time and improve data accuracy.

Cashplus and its parent company APS financial, has used its technology-led payments expertise for 10 years. The technology aims to solve time consuming admin tasks for its customers. Cashplus is the first company to announce it is linking its account data into Bank Feeds.

What does the new partnership mean?
Any Sage customers who hold a Cashplus business account can use Bank Feeds to help save time, simplify their bank reconciliation and ensure their accounts are up to date and accurate, the partnership will now be able to provide important preparation for new programmes, such as Making Tax Digital.