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March 2021


The update now puts the onus of the SDS (Status Determination Statement) on medium or large companies using contractors. Companies which HMRC defines as a small company will not have to complete the SDS.

How can you maximise your cash before the end of the tax year?

Tax planning might not sound like the most exciting way to spend your time, however it could have a significant effect on your finances. As the 2020/21 tax year draws to a close there are multiple considerations for what you can do to utilise your cash before the limitations reset as well as planning ahead for the future.

Super Deductions on new plant and machinery assets from 1 April 2021

Starting 1 April 2021 and ending 31 March 2023, most companies that invest in qualifying new plant and machinery assets will be able to claim new super-deductions and allowances.

New R&D Tax Credit Cap imposed for PAYE

The PAYE cap, which was first mentioned in the 2018 Budget, is finally becoming law for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2021.   

Are you aware of the tax implications when taking on a second job?

Have you thought about taking on an extra job during the COVID – 19 pandemic? Perhaps you have been put on furlough and have spent time thinking of innovative ways to start a side business, to pass some time and inevitably save up some money, for when life returns to normal. 


From 6 April 2021, important changes to the IR35 rules will begin to apply to medium and large private sector organisations. IR35 are the rules concerning “off-payroll workers” – i.e. individuals who work for a company via their own ‘personal service company’.

Tax Rate Card 2021/22

Important dates for your tax diary throughout the tax year.

How can UK exporters make simplified declarations?

You can make a simplified declaration before you export your goods. This is called ‘presenting’ your goods to customs. The first part of your declaration does not need as much information as a full declaration. When it’s approved, you can export your goods or move them from your premises. 

Tax break for married couples and civil partnerships

HMRC is encouraging married couples and people in civil partnerships to sign up for a tax break this year.

Take advantage of tax breaks from your time working at home

Employed and Self-Employed persons can take advantage of tax breaks on their time working from home. 

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