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Sage UK introduces tighter controls of its software licenses

Phillip Sampson

From 1 June 2017, Sage will be introducing tighter control of its software licences to ensure Sage 50 Accounts is used in conjunction with a genuine and valid license.

As a result, you may receive enquiries from your clients who have received notifications within their software regarding this.

Examples of possible questions include:
  1. I’ve lost companies or users from my software
  2. I’ve lost features from my software
  3. I’m getting a warning saying that if I don’t enter a valid serial number and activation key I will be blocked
  4. My software is blocked, I cannot login
For any customers that do receive these notifications, Sage would appreciate your efforts in advance to help them obtain the right license for their needs.
Sage have a dedicated team on hand to assist with all queries your clients may have. They can speak to them directly, by calling 0845 111 0800.