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July 2020


HMRC’s flagship Making Tax Digital online quarterly reporting is being significantly extended with legislation proposed in the Finance Bill 2020-21 bringing all VAT registered businesses into the system from April 2022 and extending it to include income tax self assessment from April 2023. 

Strategies to help businesses prepare for post lockdown

The Covid-19 measures taken by  HM Government to protect the NHS and  the UK population’s health has inevitably had an adverse impact on businesses to varying degrees. It has been a very busy few months whilst businesses have sought to adapt and safeguard their positions for the future.

Improving your credit score

Any organisation or individual requiring credit should be aware of how they will be assessed for credit risk.  One of the tools used by any potential lender or supplier will be the borrower’s credit score also known as a rating.  A borrower may not know what their score is from one day to another but should be aware of how it is assessed and viewed.


Yesterday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak delivered a speech to Parliament that he called a plan for jobs.  Describing the Covid-19 pandemic as the biggest threat to this country in decades he announced a number of measures intended to support jobs and boost the economy.