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HMRC to protect at risk employers when publishing CJRS claimants

HMRC to protect at risk employers when publishing CJRS claimants

Jonathan Green

In an effort from HMRC to be more transparent about the use of taxpayers’ funds and deter fraudulent activity, they will be publishing information about employers who claimed from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) for periods starting on or after the 1 December 2020.

The first list will be published on the 26 January 2021 on the official government website at GOV.UK. 

Employees and CJRS 

HMRC will be improving information that is available to furloughed employees. They will be able to see the details of claims made for them for claim periods starting on or after 1 December 2020, in their Personal Tax Account.

Employers and CJRS

From February 2021, HMRC will be posting monthly publications which will provide the below information about employers claiming from the scheme. 

-    The employer name 
-    The company number (for companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP))
-    An indication of the value of the claim within a band range 

How to stop publication of your details 

If you are an employer and think that the publishing of your details could lead to serious risk, intimidation or violence you should contact HMRC with evidence of why you think this, evidence can include:

-    A police incident number if you’ve been threatened or attacked
-    Documentary evidence of a threat or attack (e.g. photos or videos)
-    Evidence of possible disruption or targeting
-    Other material that may support your application to be removed from the list
-    Details of why you think your inclusion in the publication of the list would lead to threat, violence or intimidation 

You will only need to apply once despite the list updating monthly, this is due to the appeal covering claim periods starting on or after 1 December 2020. Applications of appeal must be submitted by Monday 25 January.

If you make an appeal, your details will not be published until a decision has been made and you have been informed of the outcome. If you wish to contact HMRC about the publication of your details you can do so here: Government Gateway

Please get in touch with your local Moore (South) office if you require advice or assistance regarding the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.