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Tactics to survive a 2022 lockdown

Tactics to survive a 2022 lockdown

Mike Wakeford

With the Omicron infection numbers rising throughout the UK and with the protection of the NHS being the priority of the Government, a lockdown in 2022 is a possibility. Using experience gained from the previous lockdowns, we have produced ideas of what businesses can do that might ease progress through any continuing COVID-19 related disruption during 2022.

The following comments are not advice. Every business is different so please contact a Moore (South) adviser if you have concerns due to a reduction in trade this year. 
  • Mothball investment plans. Could you defer decisions on buying that new car or other equipment for your business. In a year’s time the economy may have had a chance for a more sustainable recovery that would make more productive use of your acquisition.
  • Discuss a hiatus in pension investments with your pension’s advisor.
  • Agree an instalment plan with HMRC to clear any current or future Income Tax or Corporation Tax liabilities.
  • Reduce stocks of goods. If turnover falls due to future lockdown activity, reducing stocks will ease pressure on cash-flow and release storage space.
  • Negotiate a reduction in hours with your staff rather than laying people off. This may be a solution to keeping teams together.
  • Consider your staff as a service option if they become under-employed by reduced activity. i.e., sell their time to firms who need periodic, additional support but don’t want to commit to taking on a full-time worker.
  • Clear out under-utilised office or production space and offer to sub-let on short-term lease arrangements.
  • Hire out under-utilised plant.
  • Defer any expenditure that can be safely delayed for a year without unduly affecting your ability to trade.
Planning is key

As soon as you become aware of threats to your future trading, take time to formally plan a survival process, your Moore (South) adviser will be able to help. Contact us as soon as you feel your hard-earned business is under threat.