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Danielle Griffin

Xero has upgraded its security measures by switching to multifactor authentication. 

Xero Verify is a new authentication app, which provides a more secure way for users to access their Xero accounts. Xero is gradually rolling out the change to its entire client database, making the change mandatory for all New Zealand and UK customers in 2021. Xero Verify is available free of charge in the Apple and Google app stores.

During the course of this year, all Xero users will have to set up multifactor authentication to meet the changes. Xero users are able to choose between two different authentication combinations, for example your email address and password, with something that has an authenticator app, like a tablet of smartphone. 

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is designed to stop anyone else accessing your Xero account, even if they have managed to access your password. 

Xero are strengthening their security measures to prevent data breaches. Research shows that 80% of data breaches can be prevented with basic actions like enabling multi factor authentication.

How do I get set up? 

When you log into Xero, you will proceed to enter your email address and password as normal. Xero will then prompt you to authenticate using either push notifications or a code generated by an authenticator app, like Xero Verify. If you are unable to authenticate using an app, you are able to use a back up method. A back up method can be either an email address or security questions.

To find out more about Xero and multi-factor authentication, please visit the Xero website