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Brexit - in a spin

We’ve voted out – it’s a done deal.  I can’t see any reason why we would have another referendum, so we need to get on with reality.

The markets are all over the place, but they will gradually settle down, but it is unlikely that they will recover until we have more of an idea of how the negotiations will go.  Already the EU is hardening its stance.

At the moment, it should be business as usual, but currency fluctuations have created a significant risk of currency losses.

Big questions will be:
  • Can the Chancellor retain his position?  His threat of a harsh austerity budget was hardly welcomed.
  • Who will be Prime Minister?  Who has the trust of Parliament (the electorate, if anyone?)
  • Will Scotland legislate for a further referendum to leave the UK?
  • How will Northern Ireland react?
  • Will the Tory party be able to govern?
  • Will the EU be able to hold together?
In my view it’s too early to predict what is going to happen!

What advice can we give?  Only to make sure you know what level or risk you have (e.g. to foreign currency fluctuations) and consider steps to mitigate that to an acceptable level.