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Michael McAllister

Michael McAllister

Partner, Outsourcing

Michael is Director & Head of Payroll Services, having joined the firm in 2019, and has significant experience working with clients on both a domestic and international basis. He leads the firm’s payroll services offering with operational hubs in Aberdeen, Elgin and Glasgow.

Michael has worked in the HR, finance, pensions and payroll industry for most of his career, focussing on the payroll and pensions industry since 2009. He sits on several consultation forums representing employer and client views.

Michael works with clients on their payroll outsourcing model, as well as wider payroll services including payroll health checks, taxation governance, and pensions and auto-enrolment support. Using his experience in human resources, Michael also works closely with HR teams to ensure their People Function is fit and robust, supporting payroll, finance, and relevant stakeholders. He also undertakes consultancy work with employers assisting them with compliance issues such as real time information and auto-enrolment, systems selection, and departmental re-engineering.

Michael’s expertise spans all types of employers from small, family businesses to large, global brands across the whole spectrum of payroll issues.

Outside of the firm, Michael is a Tutor and Lecturer on legislative issues including tax and national insurance, benefits, and the full range of employer compliance responsibilities.