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Light at the end of the tunnel for OMBs?

Our latest Owner Managed Business (OMB) survey looked at the impact of the pandemic on businesses across the UK. Although business confidence remains low, we are starting to see positive signs of improvement and recovery amongst Owner Managed Businesses, with many optimistic about a better performance in 2021, and a growing number looking to increase their headcount in the coming months.

How long does it take to sell a small business?

The agreed sale price of a small business for sale, is influenced by a number of factors including revenues, business category, the business location, cash flow multiples and of course, the asking price. Although these factors are important in monitoring small business sales another overlooked factor speaks to fundamental market conditions, in particular the amount of time the business spends on the market. It is possible to study the health of the market by looking at the factor of time as it can determine the demand among buyers and expectations of sellers.