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Moore (South) are proud to be partnered with DEXT (Formerly Receipt Bank)

To continue to add to our pool of accounting and bookkeeping tools and resources and with a strong vision for the digital accounting world of the future, we have partnered with Dext to offer our clients the ‘optimize solution.’ 

Dext integrates with our three cloud accounting solutions: Quickbooks, Xero and FreeAgent and our team have been busy receiving training, ready to provide our clients with expert advice.


What is Dext?

Dext gives you the opportunity to save time. As accountants, we know how precious our clients time can be. Dext is a software application that allows business owners to electronically capture and store receipts, invoices and other supporting documents that a business depends on to ensure they keep accurate and secure financial records. 

Dext removes the hassle of manual entry. After making a purchase, a business owner can upload a receipt to Dext and the software can then work away using the latest optical character recognition technology to separate the information needed. 


What are the advantages of using Dext? 

With Dext you are able to: 
  • Keep up to date with real time data
  • Save time with digitisation 
  • Leave your boxes of paper receipts behind 

How does the process work on mobile? 

Once you are signed up to Dext you are able to download the Dext app. The Dext app allows you to be able to take an image of your receipt and upload it as a photograph to the app, where it is then stored securely – allowing you to disregard the paper! 

Due to Dext using the latest optical recognition technology it then works its magic to extract the data from the receipt. 

You are then able to publish the data extracted to your accounting software or download it onto your desktop. The data along with the image of the receipt then get pushed into the cloud accounting platform. 

Do you need to download or install anything to your laptop? ‚Äč

Dext is accessed through a browser so you do not need to download anything. If you want to upload your invoices from your phone you can do so by the Dext App

Dext saves you time, it gives you the option to spend more time on the running of your business, or more time on the parts of running a business that you enjoy! 


Why do we love Dext?

We recommend Dext to our bookkeeping clients as it makes it easier for them to collect their paperwork and it automates the way the information is passed onto cloud accounting solutions, it essentially means that if used effectively, we can speed up the time between us and them. 

At Moore (South) we are passionate about delivering tools that will support our clients’ business needs and we have opted for the optimized solution for Dext. 

The optimized solution is the most advanced accounting and bookkeeping platform from Dext. It provides your accountant with high level insights into your businesses performance and gives us access to dedicated communication tools so that we can work with you in a more interactive setting. 


Are you looking for more information?

 If you would like to find out more about Dext, or how we are helping our clients to thrive in a digital world, contact your local Moore South office. We can provide Dext training.