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Silvia Vitiello

Silvia Vitiello


Silvia Vitiello’s approachable and open personality, combined with her extensive technical skills, make her a popular figure with her many clients. She has a genuine interest and excitement in working with her clients who include family and entrepreneurial businesses as well as non profit and membership organisations.  She always takes the time to fully understand each client, including their personal and business goals before creating their bespoke solutions. Her ultimate goal is to simply offer her clients cost effective and solution driven advice to help them achieve their aspirations. 

Silvia gathers a team around her that holds a similar approach to client service, making sure that all the services that her clients receive are equally proactive. She has been in public practice for over 35 years and continues to be passionate about her work, bringing an energy that identifies creative solutions to leave clients happy. 

Silvia leads the Firm’s Family business market and her portfolio is comprised of these clients as well as non profit organisations. Her experience includes property and technology and professional service sectors, and she is particularly interested in working with family businesses, which she finds both challenging and enjoyable. 

Outside of work Silvia is a member on the Board of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and of the Skills and Employment Committee for the Herts LEP, as well as Chair of the City of Expertise.  To relax, Silvia enjoys her time at the gym as she pursues her fitness training programme and also enjoys a round of golf.  On quieter days, she relishes reading crime thrillers and has taken up piano playing again, after having studied for 12 years when younger.