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Matthew Meadows

Matthew Meadows

Managing Partner

Having joined Moore Kingston Smith in 1998 as a trainee, Matt Meadows became a partner just ten years later. Leading the firm as managing partner from May 2024, his focus will be on nurturing a working environment in which people can love what they do, learn, and grow, while delivering quality and excellence for the firm’s clients.

Honing skills across various disciplines including audit and corporate finance over the years, while embracing opportunities to challenge and reinvent himself along the way, Matt strongly believes that creating the right setting to empower the firm’s people, and those who join, to achieve their full potential is fundamental to continued success.

With clients firmly at the heart of the business and a shared desire for their success, the firm’s multidisciplinary team of experts collaborate to find innovative solutions help get them there. Their genuine understanding is built on decades of listening to clients’ challenges, expanding the firm’s capabilities, and developing solutions against an ever-changing landscape.

The world of professional services is shifting rapidly. To ensure the firm remains at the forefront of this change, Matt led the pioneering project that secured private equity investment from Waterland. Fuelling the firm’s M&A strategy, this takes its growth plans to the next level while keeping the same partnership and firm culture that is so valued by clients and colleagues alike.

With a winning business model and reputation for high quality service, Moore Kingston Smith is incorporating likeminded firms that fit with its business culture and strategic growth plan. Sharing with them the commitment to deliver lasting success for the firm’s clients, people, and communities.