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Dan is Chief Operating Officer of Moore Kingston Smith. He also heads the firm’s manufacturing and distribution group, is a member of Moore Global’s manufacturing and distribution steering group and a non-executive director of an automotive and property group, affording him a very broad remit.

Add in his background in mining geology, the built environment, processes and engineering, and Dan is the first to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the details. Clients love this about Dan – he is down-to-earth, practical and exudes calm in sometimes fraught situations. They like that he is easy-going, open and approachable, yet always focused and efficient in his approach (he is an auditor after all).

Clients come to Dan for advice on incentivisation schemes for their senior management teams as well as on tax planning, R&D and capital allowances. Businesses looking for the opportunities in Brexit particularly welcome Dan’s wider perspective on logistics, supply chain strategy, knock-on international implications, inheritance tax and succession planning from both a business and taxation angle.