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I joined the firm in 1988 and have a broad experience in all areas of general practice.

Since becoming a partner in 2002, I have put that experience to use as both a business development and audit partner. I enjoy working closely with clients on strategic matters and systems development whilst supervising the delivery of traditional compliance services.

I am the leading partner in the construction and property sector and its many related businesses for the East Midlands. This sector experience is complemented by my specialism in VAT. As well as providing VAT compliance and planning advice to the property industry, I provide VAT support for clients across East Midlands, and am a member of Moore UK VAT Group.

Other specialisms relevant to the construction sector include the Construction Industry Scheme and Employment status reviews.

I also have significant experience in the Financial Services and medical sectors.


  • Business outsourcing
  • Business tax
  • VAT


  • Financial services
  • Real estate & construction